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Coaching for Women

Rediscover your potential,
your purpose, your passion.

Live the life you love.

Life coaching with Claire

Are you ready to let go of what’s holding you back, to reconnect with your sense of self and find your meaningful path in life?


Are you ready to realise your true potential and purpose to create a life you love?


Are you ready to step forward with confidence, to make changes and turn your dreams into reality?


Learn more about what coaching can do for you and book your free discovery session with me, international life coach and founder, Claire Alexander.

Life coaching with Claire is designed to help you to rediscover your potential and your vision for your life, providing guidance and support to help you achieve a life you love. Working together we can focus on areas where you want change and create a plan that will take you towards your life of purpose and fulfilment.


Don’t let yourself miss this opportunity to experience a life more joyful, more inspiring, more aligned with your vision of you because you tried to go it alone…book your free discovery call today and take that step towards a life with renewed confidence, focus and energy.

Rediscover your potential, uncover what's possible...

You will be supported with insights, tools and proven coaching strategies, with unconditional commitment to your personal growth and progress. Claire will be your trusted partner, provide a new perspective, guide you throughout the journey, hold you accountable and support you to move forward to create a life you love on your own terms.

It is your time to be…

  • Inspired to explore new and exciting possibilities open to you and rediscover the very best version of yourself

  • Intentional to find who you really are, what you really want from life and take positive steps to achieve your aspirations

  • Impactful to overcome challenges and barriers, to renew your resilience and achieve all that you want

  • Incredible in finding your own strength to take charge of your life, health and happiness


Apply for your free discovery call today to schedule a 30 minute consultation with Claire and take those first key steps in making powerful changes to your life.


At the discovery call Claire will listen to where you are now and by asking the right questions understand more about where you want to be and agree the best option to suit your needs.


Once you are happy, you will be booked in so we can begin to take positive action on getting to the heart of who you are. So that you can find and follow your potential, purpose and passion in life with confidence, clarity and conviction.

How It Works

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